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Once a EVENT rig spawns, it will broadcast its Grid location to all players and show a Loot map marker on the map. Players can easily find it on the map and get there fast.

Dangerous Treasures

This plugin, is remastered version of ZLevels plugin, which provides custom skills for players to level up to.

All of the skills works kinda the same like in the original ZLevels, a new skill was introduced called Crafting, which boosts your crafting speed depending on your Crafting skill level, to increase it, you must craft things obviously. The more time you spend on crafting, the more XP you get. Also when player reaches a point, where he has 100% faster crafting, all his items are instant crafted, if you craft more than 10 items at once, then items are Magic Crafted.

Dangerous Treasures

Dangerous Treasures is an event that occurs once every one to two hours. The event spawns a box at a random position on the map away from all player obstructions and water.

The event opens with a barrage of rockets that blast the chest’s location. A sphere surrounds the treasure chest, and a fire aura is activated which sets players on fire who enter it. The chest is locked for a random period of time to give players an opportunity to travel to it.

Magic Loot

Simple loot system without large loot tables and everything else commonly associated with loot plugins.

Rust Kits

Item kits: pack of items. type in chat “/kit”

Death Notes

Death Notes allows you to broadcast deaths of different variety to chat, including information like the weapon used and which body part was hit.