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The VIP Packages

The donations are not a way to make money.

I open the server with a goal to make a fun place to play, a place that we can decide together what options will be in the server. A place that respects players. A place that welcomes all ppl. Irrespective of gender, religion, and age.

The donations will help us with
server costs, website cost, custom plugin and more. 

The VIP groups are a way to say Thank you!
Do you want to be VIP and don't want / can't make donations? No problem.
Make Videos on our server for example: Raid, Tutorial, pvp, base building etc' - One video = 1 week of VIP group
-Video must be 1080 or more
-Video needs to be with a duration of 10:00 min or more
-You need to share the File with us and send to: [email protected] (We will upload to our youtube channel with credit)

Terms and Conditions:
1. All donations are non-refundable. By donating, you are not buying these Kits and permissions, you are donating, and we are gifting these Kits and permissions as a bonus, a way of saying thank you. 
2. Donated again will not give you the option to stack on the same account.
3. Donated will not give you the option to Fast support from admins.
4. Donated will not give you the option not obey the rules. You will get BAN as a normal player.
5.  Not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Items

[✪VIP] tag on chat
TP Home = 5 set home (Normal 3) 
TP Countdown = 3 sc (normal 15)
TPR Countdown = 3 sec (normal 15)
Town - Portal to hotel = 3 sec (normal none)

Security Cameras
Option to add 4 security cameras in/around your base and see live from a terminal (computer)

Change the skin of an item

Use images from the internet to display on signs
(*Improper images will result in immediate BAN)

Building Kit
50K Woods, 50K Stones, 5K Metal fragments, 500 HQ, 250 Low-Grade Fuel, 2 Large wood chests, 2 Furnaces, 2 Code locks, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hammer, Building plane, Tc

Decoration Kit

Sample bonus

New - Bridge: 4 bridge (Normal 2)

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