Welcome to Belphegor rust server

Modes inc: stack size, remove tool, teleport, homes, trade, auto doors, craft speed full list + explain / modes options click here.

☢ Active admins | ☢ No admin abuse
☢ New server | ☢ Server events
☢ Prizes | ☢ No Pay to win
☢ No wipes* (unless absolutely needed/Forced/Vote)

Admins: Ibelphegor | Son of Belphrgor (Lidor)
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Have fun and stay safe!

Our Blog

Treasure Maps

New feature 🙂 Treasure Maps! Forum: https://www.belphegor-server.com/community/mods/treasure-maps/ Did you get something good? share with us. read more

Bridge – open/close

Hi all, We added an option for a bridge with the control to close/open with chat command. https://www.belphegor-server.com/community/mods/new-bridge-option Be creative and share... read more

[VIP] Sign Artist

Hi all, We add an option to Load custom images to signs from a remote URL. For now, the option... read more

Belphegor rig event

STAGE 1 - Helicopter will land on helipad and start the "refueling" process. Its a dangerous one. So don't... read more

Rust security camera

Hi all, We add Option to security cameras on our server. For now, It's on BETA test and Only VIP group. read more

New serevr

After experience very poorly server performance we decided to move to a new and better server. In the past few days,... read more

The Belphegor Logo opening

So, What do you think? read more


Hi all, We add fishing option, And fishing zone on map How to Fish: First, Head off and find some water. You... read more